Send your kids' art to Hugo von Hector to see it in the book!


Are you raising an incredibly prolific little artist who generates art far faster than any refrigerator-based gallery could display it? Yeah, me too. That's why my next book, Hugo von Hector the Kids' Art Collector, explains where that art goes when it occasionally disappears from the fridge, never to be seen again. But I need your help. 

I'm looking for real kids' artwork to include throughout the book. Your kids' pictures will appear on the refrigerators that Hugo finds, displayed in his gallery, and on the end sheets (those cute little pages on the inside covers). If desired, your children will be credited as "Contributing Illustrators" on the dedication page. 

About the book: Hugo lives in a scribbly, doodly world that he finds enchantingly beautiful. He tries to recreate it through painting or drawing, but his pictures turn out to neat and precise. When he discovers a magical door that takes him into a strange world, he finally finds art that captures the beauty and wonder of his world.  

How to submit your artwork: So, this is where it gets a little complicated. In order to make sure the art is photographed and displayed beautifully and consistently, I will need you to send the art to me at the below address. When you do, please include a note with the following information:

1. Your child's name if you would like it to appear in the book, and how you would like it displayed (you don't have to include the last name if you don't want to). 

2. If you want to receive the artwork back. Please note, I cannot guarantee I will be able to send it back, but I will do everything in my power to do so if you want it. 

3. Your email address so I can let you know I got it! 

Where to send art to Hugo von Hector: 

Hugo von Hector

c/o Whitney Beatty

3046 Lincoln Blvd

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Please submit art by June 30, 2021.  

 Questions? Contact me at!