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Whitney Beatty, Author (pictured here, "writing")

I'm a Creative Director living and working in Cleveland, OH. 

My writing has followed my life stages pretty closely. I started out wanting to be the youngest person ever to write a novel, but that ship sailed pretty quickly. From there, I wrote screenplays, until I needed to earn money to live, and then I switched to copywriting. Once I had kids, I found my writing and creativity could serve another purpose: covering for my many small, but potentially magic-shattering, mistakes.  

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Becca Kaiser, Illustrator

I am an independent designer and illustrator currently residing in sunny San Antonio, Texas. My love for art and illustration started at a very young age when my brother, sister and I would create and illustrate "books" of folded, stapled paper. 

As an adult, I still love illustrating, but now I enjoy taking my designs from pencil sketches to digital compositions. These days I'm working with a little less paper and a lot more Photoshop. 

I love that illustrating has given me the chance to play as part of my everyday routine. I'm thrilled to have made my children's book illustration debut with Ham Hands, and I hope it creates a sense of fun, joy, and humor for you and your family. 

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