"When will my kid...?" The milestones doctors don't track.

When I had kids, I had a lot of questions for my doctor about certain milestones. But I never asked because most of my questions were, admittedly, a little selfish. As much as I adore my children, I'm always curious about that next level of independence that will let me drink a cup of coffee, read a book on a park bench instead of pushing them on the swings, and spend time at family events chatting with other adults instead of standing in the bathroom wiping what seems like a conveyor belt of butts.

Now that I've hit some of these milestones myself, I wanted to share an estimate of when others can expect to see them. As with literally every milestone, these are dependent on your kid's personality, motivation, who they hang out with (it turns out it's easy to get a 4-year-old to swing themselves if their peers are doing the same) and a million other factors that mean this can only be a fuzzy guide to what could happen and not anything that you should worry about. I mean...they'll get there eventually. Kids don't go off to college still needing you to buckle their seatbelts, right? 

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